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This book is great and you will learn a lot from it if you do not know: How to make decisions, How to be proactive, How to synergize, How to think Win-Win, How to sharpen the saw, This will teach you it all if you want to make a routine or you want to become more proactive this will teach you to be proactive this will tell you to not blame others for your actions or to choose your actions, decisions etc. This will teach you to begin with an end in mind and to do things which make a difference. This will teach you to put first things first and to prioritize the things which you think are more important in your life. This will teach you to think WIN-WIN and to think good for others or to pray for their success as well. This will teach you to synergize to respect other people’s thoughts and listen to them as well and see this book just does it it teaches you a lot as well.

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hey! I'm Aniqa a 15 year old amateur writer who loves writing so here I am giving blog writing a try!

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