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The Teacher Who Taught Me To

To the teacher who taught me to be disciplined,

To whom who taught me to be myself,

To whom who taught me how to gain confidence

To whom who taught me to accept all the imperfection with one’s self and others,

To the teacher who had the blessings of a whole class or maybe even a whole school!,

To whom we thought was perfectly imperfect,

To whom who we thought had the back of a whole class,

To whom we told every inch detail of our life to,

To whom we argue and laugh sometimes with,

To whom who was more like a friend less like a teacher,

And lastly to whom who taught me live life effectively.

Dedicated to all the teachers around the globe 
Regards, Aniqa Darwaish

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Published by AniqaBaig

hey! I'm Aniqa a 15 year old amateur writer who loves writing so here I am giving blog writing a try!

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